Industrial Cleaning

Has your filter become saturated? Or do you just need your process components to be cleaned to a high quality? Then TCI Cleaning will be pleased to offer you the solution!

A contaminated process component can result in a reduction in the quality produced on your production line. For instance, after a while, saturation can reduce the capacity of a filter system. After cleaning, the filter that TCI Cleaning returns to you is a guaranteed high-quality product.

This allows your production line to retain its efficiency and you can always deliver optimum quality!


In the initial phase of cleaning, TCI Cleaning often employs one of two basic processes, thermal or chemical cleaning. Appropriate surface treatments can be offered in a following phase for an optimum result.



In the thermal cleaning process, the contamination that is present is broken down by a heat treatment. Of course, we also always take into account your wishes and requirements regarding the final product. If required, we can record the entire process to confirm the specified cleaning protocol.

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Our years of experience enable us to optimally tune the various process parameters to each other. A combination of chemistry, temperature and time allows us to guarantee the removal of the most persistent contaminants, without damaging the base material!

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The petrochemical sector processes raw materials into a semi-manufactured product. The liquid mediums that are processed contaminate and damage the countless process components. The constant flow ensures that certain parts become unusable or saturated as time progresses.  Read on…

plastic bottle


Synthetic materials including plastics, textile fibres and synthetic rubbers significantly influence our daily life. More or less all objects in our direct environment are made of synthetic material.  Read on…



The natural thermal and chemical resistance of ceramic materials means they are extremely suitable for cleaning. Therefore, the cleaning process to use does not depend on the type of material, but more on the contamination. Read on…