Cleaning Filters

Replacing industrial filters is expensive. Companies are often not aware of the advantages that filter cleaning can offer them. In collaboration with TCI Cleaning, you can discover filter cleaning; an economically interesting alternative to buying new filters.

The selected cleaning process depends on the base material and the contaminant. The cleaning process is often followed by various post-treatments. Our treatment ensures that the quality of a cleaned filter equals that of a new filter. This quality is guaranteed by means of thoroughly testing the cleaned filters.

How does it work?

The filter is cleaned using a chemical or thermal process. The choice of process is made based on the contamination in combination with the base material of your filter element. If an inorganic contaminant is concerned, the filter system will be chemically cleaned. If the contaminant is organic, if possible, it will be thermally cleaned, supported by a chemical ultrasonic post-treatment.

Letting TCI Cleaning clean your filter system gives you the advantages shown here!

The advantages:

  • Cost saving
  • Less environmental load
  • Quality control
  • Zero Defect Tolerance


Continuous testing is of vital importance to be able to track the life cycles of your filters. We can supply detailed reports of the testing and cleaning processes. We can carry out and report on the following tests for you:

  • Microscopic
  • Endoscopic
  • Weight determination
  • Visual check
  • Backflow
  • Bubble point