Cleaning Pumps

The revision and maintenance of industrial pumps is of utmost importance. It can prevent expensive repairs when your pumps come to a standstill. TCI Cleaning is ready to help you prevent a pump coming to a standstill as much as possible. When this cannot be prevented, everything will be done to keep the lead time as short as possible, for instance, by carrying out the work during a planned shutdown.


Proper maintenance of your pumps ensures that they continue to perform efficiently and that the costs can be kept low. It all starts with consistently monitoring performance. Based on the results, the decision can be made to exchange the pump or drive during a shutdown. Therefore, effective maintenance can prevent the pump requiring an overhaul or repair.


Bij revisie functioneert de pomp nog wel maar begint deze af te wijken van de originele waarden. Bijvoorbeeld door toenemende kalkaanslag of een andere vervuiling die de output van de pompen minimaliseert. Bij revisie zijn de kosten alsnog lager dan bij reparatie waar vaak omwille van niet tijdig reinigen onderdelen van de pomp stuk zijn gegaan. TCI Cleaning ondersteunt bij al deze opties.