Frequently Asked Questions


What Does The Abbreviation Tci Stand For?

The abbreviation TCI Cleaning stands for Thermal, Chemical & Industrial Cleaning..

How Can I Determine Whether A Part Needs Chemical Or Thermal Cleaning?

This depends on various factors. It is usually determined based on the base material of the part. On request, we will of course always try to answer this question for you.

In General, How Long Does The Process Take?

The standard lead time used by TCI Cleaning is 5 working days. However, there are exceptions to the rule, when our processes require less time. We also take a very flexible approach to any urgent orders. Of course, you are free to ask for this!

Do You Also Arrange Transport?

If desired, TCI Cleaning can take control of the entire logistics process. We can pick up the parts and deliver them when they are ready in a timely fashion to the desired location.