Stripping Paint From Rejects

Due to mostly high(er) quality requirements from European coating companies and the associated quality control, producers are sometimes faced with rejected products.

Disposal or replacement is often a poor option, because it results in higher production costs and longer lead times. It is, of course, also a waste of (finite) raw materials.

TCI Cleaning removes the rejected coating from your rejected products, allowing you to reprocess them. Major savings can be realised through this type of reuse.

The causes:

  • Poor paint adhesion
  • Uneven layer thickness
  • Contaminated pre-treatment
  • Contaminated substrate
  • Changed requirements
  • Rust

Rejects are quickly and correctly processed.

Problems related to delivery times, quality and logistics are a thing of the past with TCI Cleaning as your savings partner.
Our service allows you to guarantee your customers deliveries of the correct numbers, at the highest quality. When you keep these criteria consistent, you position yourself as the most reliable partner to your customers.