Stripping For Various Sectors

TCI Cleaning knows that long factory shutdowns are associated with high costs. Therefore, it always ensures that the products are quickly cleaned or stripped.
Due to the decisive action it takes, companies in more or less every sector call in TCI Cleaning. Years of experience has taught us that each of these companies can reduce costs and be more environmentally sustainable by employing proper maintenance and thorough cleaning.
TCI Cleaning has so many options at its disposal that it is able to remove contamination from more or less any process component. This can be arranged during a planned maintenance stop. However, in some cases it must be done out of sheer necessity. For instance, if faults arise that cause certain parts of a process to come to a standstill. The throughput of liquid media halts, causing them to accumulate and solidify.



A sector in which an unbelievably large number of serial products are processed and painted. Frequently occurring problems in the automotive sector are the increasingly stringent checks of substrate and layer thickness and the paint tolerances.

To reduce the disposal costs, processing and reproduction of products, TCI Cleaning helps you to reuse the rejected products. This allows many companies to reduce costs and at the same time maintain the numbers of delivered products.

Rims, bumpers, bodies, boot lids, doors, couplings and engine parts. These are several examples of automotive parts that TCI Cleaning can strip and clean.



A sector that process every type of metal with all of the resulting consequences. When certain components are out of tolerance, have been kept outside for too long or still need to be amended, they are continuously exposed to contaminating substances and the elements of nature.

Often, this means that certain instruments/components can no longer be used and must be reproduced. This means the parties involved mainly lose time and money.

TCI Cleaning offers various solutions for reusing existing components by cleaning or stripping them. This prevents the customer having to rerun certain processes. So no claims will be made because we can quickly deliver the cleaned products.



The construction sector also processes metals in many different ways. The processes often involve welding, grinding, tapping, greasing, rust, etc.

Nowadays, this sector increasingly focuses on the reuse of raw and other materials. This type of recycling is normally taken into account when buildings are demolished. However, it does not stop there, reuse is also taken into account in the building plans of new projects. Renovation projects can also call on the services offered by TCI Cleaning.

A frequently occurring problem is inadequate pre-treatment. This results in a pile of rejected products. TCI Cleaning can help you to reuse these rejects. In addition, we can offer you pre-treatments that ensure that these types of rejects no longer occur.