Chemical Paint Stripping & Cleaning

Any contaminant or coating (residues) can be removed using a series of specific chemical baths. These baths are always at your disposal to clean and strip products.
The final treatment process is determined based on various factors. In consultation with our technical specialists, we will achieve the final result that you desire.


  • Lengths up to 8 metres
  • Max loading weight 2,500 Kg
  • All metals possible
  • Most persistent dirt
  • Retention of zinc layer
  • Environmentally sound
  • Without affecting the surface

How Does It Work?

The parts are immersed in the chemical baths. The principle of paint stripping using a solvent is based on penetrating the chemicals in the paint layer. As the paint takes up the solvent, it softens, swells and wrinkles and detaches from the underlying surface. The wrinkling is often called blistering.

In this process, the thicker the paint layer the longer it takes before it detaches. A comparative action occurs with other contaminants such as a grease deposit.

No Environmental Pollution!

Our establishment has its own water treatment plant. All waste flows are treated here so that no contaminants end up in the environment. In this way, TCI Cleaning contributes to a better environment for everyone.