Thermal Paint Stripping & Cleaning

Any contaminant or coating can be removed using controlled temperature in one of the pyrolysis ovens.

Both tools and rejected products can be stripped and the lead times are short.
Using targeted post-treatments, we deliver the products to you with exactly the desired quality.

The possibilities:

  • Lengths up to 6 metres
  • Max loading weight 13,000 Kg
  • Protocol procedures
  • Cracking of zinc layers
  • Registration using thermocouples
  • Tempering

How Does It Work?

TCI Cleaning has several pyrolysis ovens available, which keeps the lead time to a minimum. These operate as follows:

The coatings and contaminants are converted from the solid to the gas phase in a low-oxygen environment at a temperature of approximately 450° C. The expanding gases that are created are routed to the afterburner where they are incinerated at a temperature of approximately 850° C.

Why Thermal Treatment?

  • Guaranteed reuse of auxiliary materials/tools
  • Erroneously painted parts/rejects are given a second chance
  • Renovation of metals
  • Cracking of the zinc layer
  • Short lead times
  • High volumes