Blasting Techniques

TCI Cleaning has various types of blasting techniques available. Every technique has its own unique properties. Thanks to the wide range of blasting techniques, we are always able to offer the right solution.

For instance, it is possible that certain products should not be blasted using inert grit. Bead blasting, the fast and automatic release of round beads, might offer a solution. A reason for a very fine technique could be the material thickness. If the material is very thin, blasting can deform the product. These variables are always taken into account when products are to be treated.


Blasting Cabin

TCI Cleaning has a large blasting cabin in which various products are blasted by hand using inert grit. Blasting is also effective when an inorganic contaminant must be removed. This slightly roughens the surface of the product. The degree of roughening depends on the blasting method and pressure used.


Blasting Device

For serial products and parts that should not be blasted using course grit, TCI Cleaning has an automatic blasting device. This device rapidly processes products and limits the roughening of the surface thanks to the round grit. This device guarantees a consistent quality and shorter lead times for large numbers.


Glass Bead Blasting

Glass bead blasting is particularly suitable for products that have high-level quality requirements. This blasting technique uses fine glass beads instead of a course blasting medium. An advantage is that there is hardly any roughening of the surface of the product with this technique. Moreover, it does not damage threads and tapped holes. This makes the glass bead technique suitable for more or less all types of material.


High Pressure Steam Cleaning

Here, the products are sprayed with hot water at a specifically set high pressure. Steam cleaning mainly removes residual contamination and is hardly ever used as the main process. This process is carried out as standard and is extremely suitable for use as a post-treatment for paint shop tools, floor grids, stainless steel, etc..

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